Our deepest fear comes from the belief of adopting it as a fear.

When I started thinking about my fears instead of dumping straight into it, it took me time to introspect and reflect.

What if I end up living a normal daily routine? A boring life with no good impact on any individual and died forgotten?? This is my biggest fear and literally, it scares me a lot. It is something that keeps me up thinking again and again. Basically, I am not an overthinker but this one makes me feel like “yes I am”.

I have spent a lot of energy from the past few days thinking about it and I found that fear has it’s own advantages when we understand the root cause of it. In my case, the root cause is the belief that I am not skilled enough…

Not skilled enough to have an extraordinary life…

Not skilled enough to inspire someone from my life…

But practically it is just an unconscious belief within me and to overcome it might be hard but that is not something which is impossible to achieve.

Smith, motivational speaker and a life coach said that when you understand the important role of you in carrying your own pursuits you’ll understand to tackle the fear of inadequacy. So understanding ourselves better could help overcome this.

That’s it, guys! hope this helped.

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One movie, one heartwarming moment, a whole bunch of emotions means a lot to u.

Today, I am featuring on the movie named parasite which ranked top in IMDB rating(internet movie database, an online database of information on films, television shows etc which takes all its user’sⁿ individual ratings and use them to calculate a single rating).


8.6 IMDB rating

Total film duration: 132 minutes


Best picture-2020

Best original screenplay-2020

Best direction-2020

Best foreign language film-2020

The parasite is a South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Boong Joon-Ho. It won four Oscars and set its place as a masterpiece. It also become the first non-English film in Oscar history to win the award for best picture.


The film focusses on the social class division in South Korea and the story revolves around two families. Kim’s family living in the semi-basement apartment indicating a below poverty line survival and the Park’s family, a rich and wealthy modern class, honourable in the society living a comfortable life, fueled by the labour of many workers like Kim.


The plot of the film starts with Kim’s family infiltrating and creeping into the Park’s family individually as employers, obscenely. This happened when the ki-woo son of Kim managed to catch a job as a tutor to de-hae, Park’s daughter by recommendation and with the help of forged documents. When ki-woo understood that de-hae’s brother needs an art teacher to teach him drawing he introduces his sister ki-jeoung( a gifted artist) as a top skilled art teacher. Later on slowly, ki-woo and Ki-jeoung orchestrate a plan to replace the driver and MunKwangg, a senior maid in the park’s house by their father and mother respectively. When everything seems to be going smooth Kim got to know that munkwang’s husband is living in the bunker of parks house and munkwang got to know about Kim’s family and their betrayal to park’s family, then how the story prolonged further has been a thriller part of the film and the climax is interesting that it has ended in the same semi-basement where the story started, depicting the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor.


Boong Joon-Ho is known for ending his films in places he finds his hero right back where they started and the parasite is no different. And so the film ended with poverty again to Kim’s family but even worse this time. Ki-woo’s sister ki-Jeong died in misfortune that she hadn’t had a chance to show her artistic skill to the outer world and his father was stuck in the bunker. This film has a pessimistic argument, defending the statement that the poor die as poor and the rich die as rich. It also portrays that wealth through luck will no longer survive in the long run and at some point, the scenes focus on telling that the world is filled with people those who don’t deserve the life they are living.


The messages of the film are based on my interpretations.πŸ˜‰

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A brief report of my blog workπŸ“

I’ll try to stick on the weekly schedule of my blog post

Hi guys! I am abhigna and this is my initial blog post. As I am blogging on a different topic every single day of the week, this post is to give you an inkling of the niche I am going to cover in my blogs so that you can select an interested one out of those.


As humans are emotional beings, we often feel stressed out or anxious at the time of hardships. So in this blog, you’ll hear the inspirational quotes from great people in the history on how to tackle the toxic situations in your life, overcoming the negativity in your mind and also which helps in building a healthy belief system within yourself.


Today, YouTube is a remarkable platform for learning any kind of skill. It has a plethora of videos to explain anything in detail. So, every Tuesday I’ll be focussing on one youtube channel which is very close to my heart and the advantages of following it and I also invite you to head over to it and leave a comment if you find it as an interesting one.


Most successful people in the world are readers… But why? To be successful at anything it takes more than a natural skill, it takes personal and physical development, allowing oneself to look at things from a different perspective and those qualities can be developed by reading books. So, on this day, I’ll be reviewing a book which helps you to find a way to a more meaningful life.


Let’s be honest! How many of you had a thought of your loved ones listening to music, after your break-up. I think many have experienced it. So let us all admit that music has a great impact on humans. Then, why not share this feeling of pain, joy, peace… with people through music. I’ll be happy sharing my songs through blogs and find someone who resonates with me and this is the reason behind sharing my favourites. Hope you like those!


Basically, I am a filmy geek and I believe that movies can change the world. So, the review of one film a week is given here explaining the plot ending and the theme of the film.


Don Miguel Ruiz- the author of “the mastery of love” once said:- the world is a mental hospital and the mental disease that suffers everyone is fear. We have this fear of talking to strangers, fear of taking a decision on our own, fear of commitment, fear of moving on and so on… And so this blog is to share the biggest fears I had and how those influenced my actions for a longer period of time. I guess sharing these with you can help overcome those gradually over time.


I’ll be sharing either a short story(anecdote) on this day or some of my musings/dairies.

Hey guys, hope you liked the topics I am going to cover. I’ll be happy to hear about your favourite songs, favourite youtube channels, and also if you want me to blog about a book or YouTube channel or any song or even top-ten lists in a particular domain, please don’t hesitate to text me in the comment section below, I’ll try to make a blog on those.

That’s it!! Stay home, stay safe. I’ll be waiting to see you in my next blog. Bye, πŸ‘‹.